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We are a unique group of dentists practicing in the Huntington area who are dedicated to reaching out and helping the community that so graciously supports our practices. It is our goal that through various charitable donations, fund drives, and educational grants, to give something back to the community in which we practice.



Lisa Philip- RDH & Alan Kwong Hing, DMD, MSc
“Taking The Fear Out of Implant Dentistry For The Entire Practice�
Friday, October 19, 2007 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
The Fox Hollow Inn, Woodbury, NY

Lisa Philip- RDH, CMC – Dedicated to your staff members, this seminar is designed to help your team bridge the communications gap between the GD and the specialist office. Case presentation to the patients on the importance of implants and how to alleviate the feeing of financial burden that quality care may impose on the patient. Your team will acquire the skills that will help them gain a higher rate of case acceptance and a fee for service program that is beneficial for all.

Alan Kwong Hing, DMD, MSc – Unlike other courses, this will have strong emphasis on empowering the General Dentist with the skills to pilot and take control of the implant process from start to finish. Using case studies we will showcase how to effectively present your recommendations and comprehensive implant plan to the patient, communicate to and with the specialist and develop the keys to building a plan from start to finish that financially benefits all. At the conclusion of this course attendees will be able to: Communicate Create, Control and Manage the entire implant process from start to finish.

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